Best Male Enhancement Pills for Sexual Performance

Sexual performance is a common point of concern for men. This story of male enhancement is as old as the world itself. Historically, the sex drive has been the main cause behind the male competition since ages. As such, it has multiple implications that can be considered as beneficial to the mankind itself. This is because the desire to be #1 makes men advance and seek continuous improvement, particularly beyond the intimate aspect too.

What is a male enhancement industry today

On the other hand, the medical industry responds to the male enhancement demand according to the best business practices of our days. As a result, there are multiple available supplements on the market, while topical pills form the largest group among them. Still, not every method really deserves your attention.

To distinguish between credible and fraud offers is not an easy task. While a quick search on the Internet can help you realize the immense scale of the market, it is also important to know what selection criteria you have to apply to be on the safe side. Filtering all the information is a really daunting activity if you do not know what should be paid attention in the first place.

What is the male enhancement pill

If you are a beginner in male enhancement, you will inevitably ask yourself a number of discouraging questions like

  • ‘Why do I really need this?’,
  • ‘What sex enhancement pills can work best for me?’,
  • ‘Should I take the pills continuously?’, etc.

This is actually the problem that every newcomer has to encounter, so don’t give up the endeavor right away; instead, spend some time to dig in.

sexual pillsTo take the optimum decision on the subject, it is helpful to know not only what this type of supplement can do but also what it never can do. As the name suggests, male enhancement pills come in the form of a capsule or tablet for oral use; the expected result is better male sexual performance.

How do male enhancement supplements work

To achieve the claimed goal, manufacturers combine a number of ingredients, whereof each is to add to the general effect. It is helpful to understand though that, despite this diversity of proprietary formulae, the list of active ingredients commonly used for the purpose is not so long. Knowing this fact makes selecting an enhancement product much easier.

Whatever remedy you consider, you certainly do it with a clear goal in mind, namely to improve male sexual health and life. This is actually what all those options flooding the market have in common, and why they are sought by young and elder men.

What are the benefits of male enhancement supplements

Based on proven ingredients, most of which have been used in the indigenous medicine for centuries, modern over the counter pills work by providing the following benefits:

  • harder erections due to boosted blood supply to the genital area;
  • more durable erections due to a steadier blood flow;
  • increased endurance and stamina during the coitus.

To gain a better position on the market with their products, manufacturers tend to add auxiliary substances with the intention to promote general health strengthening or cause an extra effect in terms of wellbeing. Given this wide selection of options and competition in the industry, you may rest assured that there is a top-notch product or brand which suits your individual expectations best.

How to choose safe male enhancement supplement

While many men are not great in bed, those who actually are often would like to be more capable too. To help everyone in need, the pharmaceutical industry offers a variety of supplements to cater for solution seekers. If you are going to explore the market and try something for the first time libido boosting, make sure you conduct a comprehensive research prior to deciding on a particular product.

The fact that all those options available out there are much different in terms of efficiency and safety is not the only thing to consider. The risks can be minimized by relying on the most trustworthy and reputable brands with clinical studies only. On the other hand, it is a real challenge to select a pill from this diverse product range which suits best your individual needs and requirements. If you fail to do so, you will just waste your money and time and ultimately become disappointed with the approach in general.

Top-rated male enhancement pills

To play safe, it is advisable to do a good preliminary research to get an insight into the current market situation. The primary thing you have to find out is which brands and names do boast of proven efficacy. This filter will narrow the search field and make the selection of the best male enhancement supplement process much more straightforward.

Given not everyone is willing to invest significant time into such research activities, we have completed the primary market investigation for you to boost your chances of success. Keep reading to make familiar with our suggestions. Notice that the recommendations are based on user reviews available on topical online marketplaces and forums.

1. Vig FX


vig fxThis is probably the ultimate solution when it comes to enhancing male performance. One can say that the name does comply with the manufacturer’s claims. Along with the improvement in terms of erection quality and stamina (which is the main effect users expect from the supplement), the formula comprises a number of ingredients added with the purpose of delivering multiple benefits to the body in general.

The product is manufactured by a reputable player on the topical market. According to the label, the pill is a blend of 100% natural and safe ingredients known for their proven efficacy. As a result, your self-esteem, libido and performance in bed will be boosted to a new level already after a short course of taking the pills. With Vig FX, you can expect better erections and endurance during each and every coitus.


  • The product can challenge Viagra, which is a more expensive alternative, in terms of the provided benefits;
  • The formula involves only 100% natural, time-tested ingredients;
  • Minimum side effects, if any;
  • Multiple general well-being benefits;
  • The product is safe even in increased doses.


  • The product’s container is not tamper-proof;
  • According to some users, it took some time to see the first results;
  • To get a sustainable effect, taking multiple packages might be required.

2. VigRX Plus


vig rxThis male enhancement supplement focuses on the improvement of the sexual endurance and pleasure. Available on the market since 2007, the supplement has gained high reputation for its efficacy. Harder and more durable erections are the result that so many men are in pursuit of. With VigRX Plus, the dream comes true. You can rely on this option whenever you want to achieve an ultimate satisfaction for your partner and yourself.

Those who suffer from erectile dysfunction can expect to see their penis obey and operate as if they were 20 again. The secret behind this kind of miracle is a thoroughly designed formula based on proven natural ingredients and wisely elaborated by a team of outstanding medical professionals who know what’s what when it comes to sexual life.

As an extra bonus, you may have brighter orgasms. On top of this, the magic blend enables you to have full control over your erections during foreplay so that you don’t need to hurry up with proceeding to bed.


  • A significant increase in sex drive;
  • A boosted capacity to maintain erections;
  • 100% natural ingredients for safe use;
  • The extremely low probability of getting side effects;
  • Multiple general health benefits;
  • Featured on such reputable media as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.


  • The above effects do not come overnight;
  • The manufacturer recommends taking the pills twice a day for the best results;
  • The tablet is quite large, so some people may experience problems with swallowing it.

3. Viga Plus


viga plusMy analysis of the male enhancement supplement market has revealed this option featuring the best price to quality ratio. Another reason to trust the product is that the manufacturing premises are situated in America. The company has a proven track record in the industry. As for this particular formulation, it has been built around 100% natural ingredients and boasts of numerous high-rank reviews on the Internet. Additionally, multiple studies provide us with rigorous proofs of its efficiency and safety.

This proprietary blend is a premium-class penis enhancement solution going far beyond only strengthening your erections. Due to a unique list of ingredients involved, users may expect such extra bonuses as better sex drive and longer sexual endurance. Reportedly, taking the pills also results in the increase of the sperm volume ejaculated during an intercourse, the benefit that will be highly appreciated by many partners.


  • Low side effect rates;
  • As many as 16 potent ingredients, 100% natural;
  • The improvement can be noticed already after the first pill;
  • Hailed by the vast majority of reviewers;
  • The male organ appearance is improved in addition to performance boosting;
  • Its ingredients also have multiple positive general-health effects.


  • The tablet is a bit too big;
  • The original container is not tamper-proof;
  • Some users believe the product is too strong.

4. Extenze


extenzeThis is the most potent product on my list. As such, it is sometimes marketed as a most effective penis enhancement solution for professionals, and for a reason. Browse the Internet, and you will easily find some reviews posted by satisfied professionals. To summarize the opinions discovered on the web, Extenze delivers amazing results igniting passion and transforming a man into a real love machine.

This explains why the well-made supplement has been a global bestseller for years. The good news is that its strong effect is achieved without any compromise to your health, which is the case with many other supplements proffered for men.

With this sex pills, you can expect that your erections will be quickly yet absolutely naturally raised to the next, professional level. To achieve the goal, the developers leverage the body’s internal resources by mobilizing and pushing them beyond the current limits. Some users report they have gained a permanent increase in terms of the penis length and circumference. This is another enjoying bonus for you and your partner.


  • In this product, capsules are used instead of tablets, which makes swallowing an easier task;
  • Only natural ingredients are involved;
  • While potent enough, the product is safe;
  • Almost no adverse body reactions have been reported.


  • Taking the remedy should never be combined with another medication course;
  • Beginners may find it too potent;
  • Its price is a bit too high as compared to competitors on this market.

5. MaleExtra


male extraThis male sexual enhancement  can be a nice choice for those seeking to boost and diversify their experiences in bed. Consider this potent supplement with proven topical qualities if you want to achieve the goal within a short period of time. Combining multiple 100% natural ingredients tested by traditional medicine healers and time itself, the formulation makes them work together towards the desired goal, namely ultimate sexual performance.

This dietary supplement will not only push the limits of your abilities in bed but also make your penis look better due to harder and more sustainable erections. It’s not a secret that erections wane as a man gets older. MaleExtra is a good way to prevent this aspect of ageing. As clinical studies conducted by multiple research groups have shown, the pill is able to effectively address almost every erectile problem you can imagine.


  • A potent formula relying on natural ingredients with scientifically proven properties;
  • Using the remedy on a permanent basis can make your penis 1-2 inches longer;
  • Almost no adverse body reactions have been reported (provided that the product was used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations);
  • Affordable price.


  • Beginners should be careful with this potent formula;
  • The tablet’s large dimensions can cause some problems with swallowing it;
  • For optimum results, a 3- to 6-month course is recommended by the manufacturer.

6. ProSolutions


prosolutionA good supplement designed for male enhancement has to trigger multiple body mechanisms instead of just boosting the blood supply to the genital area. Actually, erection is more than just about the blood flow. This is why a team of ProSolutions developers, which combined professionals from multiple medicine areas, decided to create this complex formulation able to deliver a comprehensive effect. Their purpose was to reinvent the way men can improve their sexual performance. Based on the available feedback, one can say that the project has been successful.

Today, this supplement is among the bestsellers on the global male enhancement market. Along with driving the blood stream to the penis, which is a beneficial erection factor by itself, the formulation also boosts a user’s mood. As a result, a more favorable mental background for having sex is created. This is an original approach to addressing erectile dysfunction-related issues that you can hardly find with other reputable products offered for the same purpose.


  • The remedy addresses not only somatic but also psychological aspects of sexual performance issues;
  • 100% natural ingredients delivering proven results;
  • Very low rates of adverse body reactions;
  • Due to the prompt effect, the pills can be used only when and as necessary;
  • The positive feedback from medical specialists is available.


  • The product should never (strictly!) be combined with other medications;
  • Novices may find it too potent;
  • The price is a bit too high.

Male Enhancement Supplements Side Effect You Should Be Aware of

The facts presented in the previous section are true. However, there is something more to know. Namely, you should realize that taking some natural pills for male enhancement, like with any kind of drugs or products, is fraught with certain side effects. Specific hazards to watch for as well as their manifestation and intensity vary by formulation, so the best way to avoid troubles is to thoroughly read the list of ingredients provided on a label or package.

Even if you are not prone to allergic reactions, you may have some in case of ingesting a poor-quality product. Individuals with the above-the-average sensitivity should be especially cautious with this group of remedies. Paying attention to details is to be a rule of thumb already at the Male Enhancement Pills selection step.