Ebimedical Review on Extenze Supplement: Does It Work?

This article is a review of ExtenZe, a supplement offered for male enhancement purposes. It is claimed to be able to significantly enhance your libido, secure higher erection quality as well as deliver brighter orgasms.

Sex is an important part of our life, so you do not want to allow your intimate relations become a source of despair and dissatisfaction for both partners. Unfortunately, such situations are quite common today because the modern lifestyle, busy and stressful, often leads to depleted male sexual performance. The potential problems include too low testosterone levels, premature ejaculation, weak erections, pale orgasms, etc.

What is Extenze Pill?

risk freeExtenZe is promoted as a reliable male enhancement solution for this kind of problems. Allegedly, it can not only revive your sex life but also improve your general well-being.

While the manufacturer’s claims sound good, it is always important to do your own research to take an informed decision. The major aspects to consider include a product’s efficacy evidence, its safety, the feedback from existing users and some more.

As for ExtenZe, this male enhancement product comes in capsules containing only natural ingredients and herbal extracts; the blend has been designed to resolve a variety of sexual performance-related problems in men. To meet the claims, the formulation addresses such underlying causes as depleted testosterone levels, a hormonal disbalance, stress, improper nutrition, etc. Each and every ingredient of the formula has been selected upon extensive research, which is a crucial success factor.

How Does Extenze Work?

A common principle of male enhancers is to stimulate the testosterone production, which automatically transforms into enhanced libido, more durable and harder erections and other related benefits. This basic approach is used in the pills under discussion too. To add to the product’s efficacy, its developers decided to add a number of vital nutrients. These are substances which are in deficit most often. The replenishment of the supply can, hopefully, result in better well-being. Consequently, the improvement in the intimate area will come as a secondary effect because such a deficit is known to be a cause of male issues.

Another reason why we should trust male enhancement supplementation is that its formula has been built around herbal ingredients and folk recipes tested by time itself. It’s not a secret that the traditional medicine has something to offer when it comes to male performance correction. There are herbs and herbal extracts which are known to boost the blood supply to the penile area, which, obviously, is necessary to boost erections. Now, we can benefit from these secrets passed down through generations too.

In other words, the ExtenZe pills combine multiple mechanisms in one package. This allows everyone to be a better lover and benefit from general health improvement at the same time.

What are the Extenze Results?

extenze_resultsAccording to the manufacturer, you can expect the following benefits delivered by male enhancement supplement ExtenZe:

  • Increased libido;
  • Improved stamina during an intercourse;
  • Hard and sustainable erections that last longer;
  •  A certain penis size increase;
  •  Your ability to delay an ejaculation;
  •  The overall energy supply;
  •  A happier attitude and higher satisfaction rate when it comes to sex;
  •  The stress-relieving effect.

How to Use Extenze Pills

The recommended dose of administration is six to eight weeks, one capsule orally per day, which is an optimum regimen, according to the manufacturer.

Preferably, the sex enhancement product should be taken with a glass of water in the morning, prior to the meal. If an urgent boost is required, the developers say you can take one capsule three hours before the intercourse. A pill taken in the morning will remain in effect all the day long, until the night.

On the other hand, an unauthorized use of multiple pills during the same day should be avoided, as such a stress for your body requires directionsof a medical specialist.

Are Extenze Pills Safe?

The male enhancer product is marketed by Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc., a USA-based manufacturer, which can boast of a BBB certificate. Generally, this type of supplements is not subject to FDA regulation, ExtenZe being no exception. So, make sure you conduct through research prior to starting a course.

The good news with ExtenZe is that this is  all natural safe supplement, where only plant-based substances are used. Additionally, as we’ve mentioned above, its formulation involves ingredients, which are deservedly considered as time-tested ones, so you can expect no unfavorable surprises from it.

What can render you absolutely confident is the abundance of positive reviews from real users available on independent topical websites.

What are the Ingredients in Extenze?

ingredientsAs we have already mentioned above, ingredients play a key role when it comes to a remedy’s efficacy. As a comprehensive male libido enhancer, ExtenZe is a whole stack of healing plant extracts and valuable nutrients. According to the manufacturer, the list looks like this:

  •  The root of Ginger;
  •  Extract of the Yohimbe bark;
  •  Pregnenolone;
  •  Tribulus Terrestris fruits and its aerial part;
  •  L-Arginine Hydrochloride;
  •  GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid);
  •  Xanthroparmelia scarbrosa;
  •  Extract of the Licoriceroot;
  •  Horny Goat Weed leaves;
  •  Velvet Deer Antler;
  •  Zinc;
  •  Folate, and others.

What are the Side Effects of taking Extenze?

ExtenZe is a sex supplement developed for male users of 18 and above. No prescription from your doctor is required to take advantage of its potency-boosting properties. While the base of current product users is really huge, there is scarce data on adverse body reactions associated with the remedy. This corresponds with the manufacturer’s claims about few possible side effects, if any. Such a competitive advantage is possible due to a fully natural formula.

By analogy to other similar supplements, adverse body reactions that you should watch for may include:

  •  digestion disorders;
  •  rash or itching skin;
  •  hair loss, etc.

Fortunately, people who already tried this remedy out have not reported any of the above manifestations by now.

Users with existing heart disorders or those who take other medicines on a permanent basis are advised to consult their doctor prior to starting out with ExtenZe. Also, avoid consuming the product together with alcohol, since the latter can deteriorate the benefits and provoke some undesired body reactions.

Extenze Benefits


  • An effective product that secures hard and sustainable erections;
  •  A proprietary 100% natural formula involving 23 thoroughly selected and proven ingredients;
  •  The penis may get a little bigger;
  •  One pill per day is a convenient mode of administration;
  •  Delivered in a discreet package.
  • The price could be lower;
  •  No momentary effect.

Judging by the whole range of available information about the product, both from the manufacturer and current/former users, we can conclude that this potency-boosting solution is a solid option to consider if you seek a sure and safe effect. As such, it can be recommended to a broad audience of men above 18.

As for the product’s competitive position on the market, there are multiple advantages, which make the formulation stand out against its peers. The basis for gaining such a reputation is, first and foremost, the proprietary formula, which combines almost two dozen natural and time-tested ingredients.

Another pillar the product’s reputation is based on is the convenience of use and predictable results. One capsule each morning is a perfect mode of administration for many busy men. On the other hand, if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, you always know what to expect and can be confident of the ultimate male enhancement effect.