Immune system booster vitamins: A, C, E and Zinc in one Immune Defence

Immune Defence maintains your immune system supplying it with a necessary daily amount of zinc and vitamins A, C, E.

immune defenceImmune booster pills have the pleasant flavor of anise and provide soothing effect. They quickly melt on the tongue wrapping the back of the throat with Zinc ions. Immune Defence will help you to resist a cold, cope with a stressful situation or just keep your immune system strong. Lozenges have all necessary nutrients to reinforce the immune system.

Lozenges with aniseed flavor of natural origin;

Every lozenge contains 3.5 mg of Zinc and 2.5 mg of Vitamin C;

Take lozenges every day for continuous immune defense.

zincAdvantages of Zinc as an immune support

Confirmed immune defense effect

Pills are valuable for our health not only due to zinc. They also contain a number of natural ingredients. Among them you can find Rosehip. It is a widely known source of Vitamins A and C. Both vitamins keep the immune system functioning well. Daily use of Immune Defence lozenges with zinc will make your body’s natural immunity robust.

Natural immune booster during the period of flu and cold

Colds and flus are very catchy. By taking this immune supplement you strengthen your body’s capability to resist seasonal illnesses. When your body is supplied with the sufficient amount of zinc and vitamins, it can easily combat cold or flu.

Reduction of symptoms and duration of colds

Scientific research has shown that drugs make the period of illness shorter in 50%. If you want to get well in double-quick time, take lozenges immediately after you have noticed the first symptoms of cold. Do not waste your time on illnesses. There are many things to do except colds and flus.

Rapid immune boost and nervous system support during the time of stress

Immunity greatly suffers from stress. During stressful situations it becomes feeble and almost loses the ability to fight pathogens. Stress, weariness, lack of rest and sleep make your body defenseless against infections and viruses. Lozenges will help you rapidly to get over stressful times.