Ebimedical: How to Improve Your Sexual Performance

Sex is an important aspect of life. Unfortunately, the global statistics shared by WHO and Ebimedical shows that about 40% of people worldwide, men and women alike, suffer from some kind of dysfunction related to sexual performance. Most of them are not willing to visit a doctor or discuss the problem with their friends. This is the result of the attitude established in most cultures in this respect.

boost performanceOn the other hand, people who are not satisfied with their sex life try to resolve the problem on their own with pills and exercises. The good news is that there are natural and easy-to-use methods to greatly enhance your sexual performance in bed without the need to seek professional help, which is the ultimate resort in case all your self-improvement endeavors fail.

For those interested in the subject, there is a huge variety of tips and lifehacks available on the Internet from diets to drugs. A major point of concern is that not all of them are really helpful. On the contrary, avoid rushing thoughtlessly with something that can damage your health. Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. To help you sort things out, I have done the research for you and offer the findings below.

Use time-tested herbal remedies

Whenever you want to boosting your sexual capability, 100% natural pills based on herbs traditionally known for their aphrodisiac properties can help.

For example, Ginseng has been used in Oriental cultures for ages as an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. Reportedly, it can make your penis a little bigger as an additional bonus. Other prominent plant aphrodisiacs include Ginkgo Biloba, Maca root and Pinus pinaster. Actually, the list is much longer. This group of remedies acts primarily via the blood flow stimulation as well as boosting of testosterone levels.

Herbal supplements are much safer than synthetic pills, which are abundantly present on the market too. If you decide to choose this option, make sure you buy a product by a reputable manufacture to avoid health risks and wasting your money. Prime pills are often 100% natural and cause no side effects.

Change the setting

Feelings and the setting during sex are factors that not exclusively women pay attention too. They can make or break a male partner’s sexual performance too.

This is specifically the case if you are permanent partners or spouses. With time, you may find having sex with your regular partner becomes a boring activity and does not deliver former experiences any more. Sometimes, changing a setting can help add some special appeal and refresh your relations.

Start-stop operation during the intercourse

start stopThe idea is quite simple: while having sex, retain the ejaculation just prior to achieving a climax. For this end, stop as soon as you feel the situation may go out of your control. Take a deep breath and calm down a bit, then you will be ready to go on.

It sounds easy but is not so in reality. Before you will be able to successfully use the method, certain practice is required. With duly zeal, this mode of operation can eventually become your natural way of conduct during sex. As a reward, you can get significant improvement of pleasure quite fast and in a natural way, without any medications, a treatment course or visiting a doctor.

Be mindful of your general health

Sex is just one function of the human body. Obviously, all body systems and functions are closely related with each other. That’s why, for good sex, it is so important to care about your health condition in general. When everything’s OK, your chances for excellent sexual performance are much higher.

It is important to reveal any health problems like diabetes, a heart disease or inadequate blood pressure as early as possible to facilitate correction and probably regaining the initial condition. The preservation of your habitual performance in bed will be a deserved reward.

Another solid approach to improve your sexual performance is doing exercises at least a couple of times per week. This is a good alternative to taking supplements.

Curb your stress

It is common knowledge that anxiety and stress are among the most popular sexual performance dysfunction factors. In a severe case, an affected individual may fail to experience sexual drive at all. This is why you should try to avoid stresses, which, unfortunately, is often unrealistic, subject to a person’s lifestyle, occupation, family situation etc.

What actually can be done is relieving the stress. There are multiple proven techniques typically recommended for the purpose. For example, certain breathing techniques and medicines can be helpful.

Doing exercises on a regular basis is another effective way to choose. You can hardly find a more natural and accessible tool to boost sexual performance with this prominent level of effectiveness. Sleeping well is another mandatory component of this corrective approach. With chronic stress, however, you may require professional help.

Give up bad habits

As opposed to what you might have heard many times, smoking and drinking alcohol have an adverse effect on male abilities in bed. Consider that these bad habits damage multiple body functions, such as cardiovascular system, pulmonary system, liver, etc. Obviously, this deterioration just cannot go unnoticed in terms of your sexual health.

On top of that, relevant studies have provided the explicit evidence that quitting smoking can trigger the sexual performance improvement. Additionally, the smell of tobacco or alcohol can destroy your partner’s experience, so you will be better off avoiding such a situation.

Discuss the problem with your partner

DiscussRelationships are not only about having sex, while the latter is significantly dependent on other aspects of your relations. It is a good idea to discuss with your partner everything from your preferences and dislikes in sex up to performance problems, if any. Such a relaxed conversation will have a soothing effect and help both of you understand better what is going on in your sex life and why. This insight is a valuable tool, which, if applied politely and kindly, is able to secure the eventual win and avoiding misunderstanding and injuries on the way.

Pay attention to your chronic conditions

If you have a chronic disease, this may cause a negative effect on your sexual performance. Therefore, such problems as diabetes, obesity or hypertension should be treated timely and checked on a regular basis. It is important to make sure your vitals fall within the normal range, so don’t neglect annual examinations with your doctor.

Again, doing exercises helps keep a good physical condition in accordance with your age. Generally, a lifestyle can be considered as a natural way to stay fit for a longer time. Assume good habits and give up unhealthy ones. This recommendation becomes more urgent with age if you want to keep a high level of sexual activity and stop premature ejaculation.

Strengthen your relationships

Statistically, men tend to perform better in bed when they do it with their permanent partner. As opposed to a conventional belief, diversity is not always beneficial in this respect. Also, long-term relations allow choosing an optimum moment for your love games, so you can take a break when you feel tired or stressed.

Strengthen your relationships to hone your mutual understanding and have a relaxed setting when the time to act comes.

Never skip foreplay

For women, foreplay is probably more important than sex itself. According to topical studies, only less than 20% of female partners reach orgasm during frictions, while the majority prefers clitoral stimulation and other forms of caressing. This data is a good reason to avoid proceeding to the intercourse right away. To be a better lover, don’t miss out on such pleasurable opportunities as hugging, kissing, oral sex and any other techniques your partner may appreciate.