Ebimedical: Jelqing Facts and FAQs about Penis Enlargement Exercises

Women use special techniques for training sexual muscles to enhance sexuality and maintain health. However, men also have the opportunity to improve their sex life, and even increase the size of the penis. This is a penis enlargement technique “jelqing”. Can it really be effective?

Penis size is different for all men. Race, nationality, and other genetic influences are all present in the determination of penis size. Even medical conditions, such as Peyronie’s Disease, can affect the length or straightness of a penis. If you took the average size of all men on the planet right now, the average length would be about 5.5 inches (ca. 14 cm).

The width of a penis is also dependent on genetic factors. The average width of a penis is about 4 ¾ inches. Some are wider, some are thinner, but there isn’t a truly bad penis out there when it comes to width.

This is where the quality of the jelqing exercises that you do can make a rather large difference in the health of your penis. As you exercise your penis, the tissues are forced to expand because the tissues in the penis are being stretched. The more exercises that you are able to do overtime, the more your tissues will yield to cell division as blood flow to the area being stretched is increased.

Does jelqing really work and how long?

Could I see an extra 3 inches in size?

Timing varies in all men. Some guys report seeing their first results in as little as 2 weeks. Most guys, however, see some form of gain in size and/or width within the first 8 weeks. If you can keep a disciplined calendar that dedicates time to penis exercises daily, then you’ll have a better chance to see fast results through your efforts.

Anything is possible, but anything about 1.5 inches (ca. 4 cm) is generally considered to be in the “above average” range for success. Some men have even reported gains of 4 inches (ca. 10 cm), but typically these guys are the exception to the rule. The same is true for men who see the growth of fewer than 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) – they are the exception, not the standard.

Jelqing Frequency

Dry jelq or should I be using lubricants?

The amount of time that you spend doing the exercises is what is important. Whether you spend this time in the morning right away in one session or you break it up into 3 smaller sessions throughout the day, you’ll still receive the cumulative effect of the exercises and begin experiencing the health benefits that they can provide.

Lubricants are water-based in most cases and will evaporate during the exercise session, causing delays, unnecessary friction, or even cause you to ejaculate unintentionally. This includes avoiding the use of soap or shampoo for jelqing as these products actually draw moisture out of your skin and can cause peeling and cracking to occur.

Are there any tricks to being able to keep a firm grip while performing these penis exercises?

Jelqing risks: Can the warm-up be skipped?

  • Most guys find that trimming down their pubic hair will provide them with a more comfortable experience while performing their penis exercises. Don’t use a razor as that can leave razor bumps or burns, but a close trimmer or just scissors will work effectively. Making sure you’ve got dry hands helps a lot too.
  • If you’ve got lotion on your hands or have been working with cooking oils, try washing your hands with soap and water, drying your hands, and then applying a hand sanitizer to remove any leftover moisture. Let your hands completely dry from the hand sanitizer before performing jelqing.

That is not recommended. Warming up before penis enhancement exercises helps to make your penile tissues more pliable because it improves blood flow. If you find your short on time, an occasional session after a shower can help to reduce warm-up times and risks.

Are the warm down exercises necessary?

Why am I always getting an erection during jelqing?

If you take the time to cool down after exercising, you’ll promote a faster recovery time and that could lead to better overall results.

Erections are a natural part of jelqing. If you become rock hard, stop the exercise and allow yourself to have an arousal reduction. Focus on the exercise mechanism instead of the tactile senses and over time, your new routines of exercise will be adjusted to by your body and you’ll experience better results.

Can ejaculating during jelqing improve my experience?

Should I be sore after I’ve done jelqing?

No. It will actually hinder the exercising process. Avoid any orgasms for at least 3 hours before and avoid masturbating or sex for a minimum of 24 hours afterward to experience the best results.

Being a little sore is normal, especially for those first few exercise sessions. If you are sore from the friction, then a little lubrication can help as needed. For sharp pains that happen immediately and don’t resolve, stop exercising for a minimum of 24 hours. If you are still sore after 48 hours, you may wish to consult with a local medical professional.

Can I adapt jelqing exercises to fit my personal needs?

How long do I need to keep doing jelqing exercises?

You may customize the program to only do specific exercises, but do not alter the exercises themselves. This may cause an unnecessary injury. Jelqing exercises are endorsed by doctors and designed to maximize results. There is no need to change them.

Penis enlargement exercises that you can continue doing for the rest of your life if you want. Once you start seeing jelqing results, however, it is recommended that you continue doing penis exercises until you stop seeing results. Your tissues will only expand so far and any exercises that are done after expansion stops are very minimal.