Ebimedical Male Extra Pill Review: is it good for male enhancement?

male extraThe need for an effective erection improvement approach is permanently high. It’s not uncommon to see that men seek to boost their libido, penis size, stamina and other sexual performance aspects. The reasons are the desire to boost their own experiences and those of their partners.

Taking into account this incessant demand, supplement manufacturers come up with new and new offers. However, you are hardly willing to experiment with your health. Only a time-tested product is worth relying upon. Male Extra Pill has been present on the market for over 5 years, so there is enough evidence to make conclusions in regard to the pill’s efficacy and safety. While no product male stamina pill can be ideal in all respects, this one deserves a deeper insight.

What Are Male Extra Sex Pills?

This topical supplement, one of the most popular ones, entered the market in 2009. It has been designed and marketed by Vobue Limited, a reputable manufacturer of natural male enhancement supplements. According to the company, customers who choose may expect the following Male Extra benefits:

  • Boosted performance and brighter experiences in bed;
  •  Better confidence in intimate relations;
  • More durable erections and certain penis size increase;
  • Better stamina during intercourse, higher libido;
  • Brighter orgasms.

These bold promises are not unique for this male enhancement pill. To distinguish between a worthy and useless offer on the market, it is recommended to dig a bit deeper and find out what the claims are actually based upon. Let’s do our own research.

Male Extra Ingredients

Along with manufacturing technologies, a supplement’s ingredients are what can make or break the endeavor. So, it is important to understand what the package you are going to buy actually contains. In case of Male Extra, there are seven good active substances, which have been smartly combined to secure the claimed effects. Each of the ingredients has its own area of responsibility in the formulation and boosts the effect of its peers.


This amino acid plays an important role in the human body in terms of both male performance and general health. Due to metabolic processes, it is eventually transformed into Nitric Oxide, which affects our blood vessels and quality of the blood flow. With higher Nitric Oxide concentrations, the penis receives more blood, which is a crucial erection factor. This is why L-arginine is a common ingredient of this class of supplements and boasts of undisputable reputation.


msmMethylsulfonylmethane, or just MSM, is a not so widely known ingredient, which is used only by few manufacturers of topical supplements. Male Extra’s developers assert the compound is beneficial to body tissue cells and improves the blood supply to the penile area.

Pomegranate Extract

Everyone knows this red fruit, and many people like its tasty seeds or juice. This food is also highly appreciated by ebimedical professionals for its health benefits. Do you know that pomegranate boosts blood flow and, consequently, potentially can boost your erections too?

The pomegranate juice was a subject of a 2007 study, and the researchers concluded that this natural substance had a Viagra-like effect. While some experts pointed out that the study was sponsored by a pomegranate juice manufacturer, the findings provide a reason to consider this food if you seek potency enhancement. This is because, despite the stated effect might have been somewhat exaggerated, the fact is that focus-group male participants did report erection improvement after taking the juice.


znThis microelement’s benefits for male health are unquestioned today, which is why it is commonly used in the male enhancement industry as a supportive ingredient. While our body produces it in a natural way, you can raise your zinc levels, if necessary, by ingesting certain foods or pills like Male Extra. The mineral’s effect is based on boosting the testosterone production. Obviously, higher levels of this male-specific hormone result in a healthier prostate, higher sperm count and enhanced fertility.


This amino acid is another essential ingredient, which, allegedly, can delay ejaculation, thus improving a man’s endurance in bed. On the other hand, the manufacturer provides no evidence to support the statement with study data, statistics or a reputable professional opinion. So, it’s up to you to believe the promise.


niacinNiacin is the pharmaceutical name of a substance you’ve surely heard of as Vitamin B3. It promotes blood vessel relaxation, which results in supplying the penile area with blood more effectively. Consequently, erections get harder and longer in a natural way. Using Vitamin B3 to tackle medium to severe erectile dysfunction is not something new; the substance has been added to topical remedies for decades.


CordycepsThis is a mushroom that originates from mountain regions of China. 25mg of the plant have been added to each Male Extra pill to boost the male enhancement effect. The decision was taken based on the belief of the traditional healers that the mushroom can be used in recipes designed to improve erections and libido in men. By now, however, no rigorous evidence is available to support the claim.

Male Extra Feedback

Sold for over a 5 years, the Male Extra pill boasts a brilliant track record that can be noticed by the positive feedback from satisfied users, which can be easily found online. While each particular review should always be taken with a grain of salt, the cumulative opinion is a trustworthy big-picture indicator. Typically, men who have tried this remedy out report such improvements as harder and more durable erections, better stamina, boosted libido, more vivid orgasms and delayed ejaculations.

Male Extra also offers benefits

  • Ultimate safety due to 100% natural ingredients;
  • The pills are sold on the over-the-counter basis;
  •  The vendor provides free shipping worldwide;
  •  Operable customer support 24/7;
  •  60-day money-back guarantee.

The product’s drawbacks


  •  No immediate effect; it takes time to see noticeable results;
  •   The effect does not remain, so you have to continue the course to keep your achievements;
  •   Male Extra is available on the manufacturer’s official website only.

Possible Side Effects of Male Extra

While natural and safe, the product may, under certain circumstances, cause some side effect that you have to be aware of. As they are almost exclusively related to individual intolerance to a particular ingredient, make sure you check the list prior to purchasing.

The company offers no additional information regarding adverse body reactions you may experience taking Male Extra. As usually, it is advisable to follow the recommended dosages and mode of administration to be on the safe side. If any concerns still occur, visit your doctor to receive a professional’s opinion.

Where to buy Male Extra?

The way the product is marketed adds to customer trust and satisfaction too. Such purchase terms as 60-day money-back guarantee and free delivery around the globe help potential buyers take a decision. According to the vendor, you can even return an empty box and get a refund if you are not 100% satisfied with the results.

Combined, the product’s benefits and customer reviews make this offer an ultimate male enhancement solution for everyone who choose a supplement approach or combine it with alternative approaches for a better result.

How to use male extra pills?

As mentioned on the official site, you need to take three Male Extra capsules every day during meal.

To summarize the above information, the conclusion can be made that Male Extra is deservedly ranked as a top product for those seeking enhancement in multiple sexual performance aspects.

First and foremost, the verdict is based on the supplement’s natural formula built around time-tested ingredients, some of which are associated with healthy effects proven by rigorous scientific studies.