Do Olive Oil, Cucumber And Honey Help To Enlarge Penis?

Olive oil is a conventional lubricant to use alongside a penis enlargement technique called Jelqing.

Is Olive Oil an Effective Penis Enlarger?

olive oil for penis enlargementJelqing is a stretching technique. It is frequently performed to the penile tissue and is also commonly called “milking” because of the massage motions used to stretch out the appendage. Olive oil is used when massaging the penis to keep the surface of the skin lubricated. It is necessary to use a lubricant to avoid burns or bruises.

Many men claim that jelqing does increase penis size, but it can take up to a year to see real results. Jelqing must be done carefully as tissue can tear and become damaged. When it comes to pumps or stretching your penis, less is more.

Does Applying Honey to Your Penis Make it Larger?

Honey is not considered a scientific form of penis enlargement. However, some men do report temporary growth during intercourse after using honey on their penis. The claim is that massaging your penis with honey before having sex can increase its length and girth slightly.honey for male enhancement

Truthfully, it is more likely that honey is an irritant to the penis. Temporarily it can irritate the skin of the penis and make it swell slightly, seeming to increase the size. The growth is often said to disappear in an hour or two, a fact that considerably aids the theory that honey is nothing more than an irritant.

Does Cucumber Increase Penis Size?

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that eating certain foods can lead to penis growth. Aphrodisiacs are scrutinized heavily by the medical community as most have been studied to cause nothing more than a placebo effect. However, a placebo effect cannot make your penis grow in size.

cucumberCucumber or other phallic-shaped fruits and vegetables cannot lead to penis growth, and it is a waste of time to adjust your diet to include them more regularly. Perhaps the one way that cucumber could help is by incorporating more vegetables into your diet and helping you take off a couple of pounds. Many men report that losing weight made their penis appear larger afterward as there is no longer any excess body fat around the area.