Prosolution Plus pills : are they a perfect male enhancement option?

Today, choosing a suitable male enhancement pill name to boost your male performance is a real challenge because there are literally thousands of products offered on this market. While some of them are really good, you never know beforehand if the one you decide to try will work for you.

Authority source: These pills have been designed as a male enhancement supplement for men who seek to raise their sex drive, performance in bed and quality of their erections in as natural way as possible. According to the product’s manufacturer, the formulation can be effectively used for a variety of erectile dysfunction-related issues, including poor quality of erections and premature ejaculation.

On the other hand, according to people who have tried this out, the product really works.

To promote their pills, the company made available on their official website a number of clinical study reports, which support the claims and can add to prospect customers’ trust. For example, almost 150 men with erectile problems were tested during two months. In the end, more than 60% of the patients reported noticeable improvement in terms of sex drive and intercourse time before ejaculation. The study report provides specific progress figures by issue category and, generally, shows the product was really effective.

Of course, this kind of statistics cannot remain unnoticed by those looking for a reliable remedy for their sexual performance problems. Another fact, which adds to a customer’s confidence is that only natural ingredients are used to produce the supplement. Along with herbal active agents, which have been used by ancient indigenous and Oriental healers since ages, the formula also contains essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. These additives are to boost the main effect and improve a patient’s general well-being, which, in turn, is beneficial to the sexual function too.

Prosolution Plus Results

The availability of clinical study reports on the product’s webpage is a powerful argument by itself. However, to take the best decision, it is advisable to gain a deeper insight into underlying mechanisms which make the success possible.

  • The supplement has been designed with focus on multiple male performance aspects, including libido, stamina and ejaculation control. The major benefit to expect, however, is harder and more durable erections each and every time you have sex.
  • Allegedly, premature ejaculations can be 100% avoided with these pills. On the other hand, the comprehensive formula helps relieve stress. Consequently, you will enjoy such mental benefits as more relaxed relations with your partner and brighter orgasms.
  • Another bonus you can expect is a longer and thicker erect penis, since the organ is filled with blood more effectively. This results in multiple secondary benefits, such as new, brighter experiences during intercourse.

How Does ProSolution Work?

Now, let’s discuss how the above effects are achieved. Using mostly the same mechanisms as almost any top supplements, Prosolution has its specifics, which adds to the success.How does Prosolution work

  1. The formula’s primary effect is normalization of the nitric oxide production. The substance is directly involved in the blood circulation process, since it makes blood vessels dilate. Therefore, it is possible to affect the blood supply to the penile area by controlling nitric oxide levels. The correlation with erection quality is obvious.
  2. On the mental level, ProSolution Plus reduces anxiety and stress, thus helping you enjoy sex in a more relaxed way. It is common knowledge that erectile dysfunction is typically rooted in psychological aspects.
  3. Another important benefit is boosting the male body’s testosterone levels in a natural way. This hormone actually determines a man’s virility in terms of sex drive, potency, stamina etc.
  4. Combined, the above effects bring an extra bonus in the form of the capacity to control your ejaculations. This way, you can last longer in bed and deliver more pleasure to your partner and yourself.
  5. The formula under discussion also contains a mix of healthy nutrients and vitamins. Such compounds as vitamins A, C and B6 as well as thiamine and folic acid are used to take quality of your orgasms to a level you have never experienced before. Also, this blend is an ultimate choice for those who struggle to achieve a climax every time they have sex.
  6. Additionally, this magic formula improves general health along with that of a patient’s reproductive system. Its nutrients stimulate cells of penis tissues regenerate and grow more actively. This way, a certain increase in the male organ’s length and circumflex is made possible subject to achieving top-quality erections on a regular basis.
  7. And the last but not least advantage is that seeing all those improvements inspires a man to be more sexually active and boosts his sexual arousal and mood.

ProSolution Plus Ingredients

As we have already mentioned above, all these numerous male performance benefits are achieved due to a comprehensive formula based on multiple proven active substances. Each ingredient has been deliberately included for a purpose. Let’s take a closer look at what the pill contains.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

tribulus terrestrisA natural herbal aphrodisiac, this substance has been traditionally used by Chinese healers to correct the erectile function by boosting the blood flow. The mechanism is based on the compound’s ability to relax the penis’s corpora cavernosum tissue and pump more blood into the chamber in the same time. This allows not only to achieve a better erection but also to keep it longer. The product under discussion leverages this knowledge to meet the claims.

  • Withania Somnifera

withania somniferaThis plant, according to a 2003 study, promotes the nitric oxide production, which is another factor that affects corpora cavernosum filling (along with boosting the blood flow throughout the body). The ultimate effect is more accomplished and longer-lasting erections, as the blood can be pumped in and retained easier.

  • Asparagus Adscendens

asparagusThis herb is famous for its strong anti-inflammatory properties. That is why it has been added to the blend to help relax the body and relieve stress. As a result, a man can focus primarily on delivering maximum pleasure to his partner giving up any irrelevant concerns.

  • Mucuna Pruriens

An effective natural sex-drive booster, this legume plant affects the brain’s dopamine activity, which translates into elevated pleasure. With regular use, it also improves an individual’s sexual activity and quality of erections.

  • Asteracantha Longifolia

asteracanthaThe herb’s primary effect in the discussed context is boosting the sperm production. Additionally, it acts on the mental level too by making your sexual experiences more vivid. The substance was a subject of a clinical study, which provided evidence that brighter orgasms were achieved, while male partners managed to control and delay their ejaculations better.

  • Curculigo Orchioides

This plant’s extract is known to improve the sperm count and quality in terms of vivacity and fertility. Additionally, better sexual performance with longer and harder erections can be achieved. As a result, male partners who receive the substance tend to feel more confident, behave freely and satisfy their partners more often.

  • Asphaltum

This is a common ingredient in Ayurveda medicine, which is used to treat a variety of sexual dysfunctions, such as week erections or premature ejaculation. The mechanism is based on the substance’s antioxidant properties.

ProSolution Pros and Cons

Based on the above information, one can conclude that the supplement we are discussing here is worth paying attention if you are interested in this type of performance-boosting solution. Still, you should know that there is no perfect, one-fits-all product. Every formulation has its advantages and downsides. With ProSolution Plus, you get the following:


  • The formula is based on time-tested ingredients;
  • The product’s efficacy has been proven by clinical tests and recognized by medical specialists;
  • This is a 100% natural formula;
  • According to the manufacturer, no side effects have been reported;
  • An affordable price of only $37 per month course;
  • The vendor offers a 67-day full refund guarantee.


  • The pills should be taken daily, on a regular basis;
  • The vendor offers no free delivery around the globe;

ProSolution Plus Shopping Tips

As a reputable solution, ProSolution Plus pills are widely offered online. Once again, it is always important to consider safety and effectiveness when it comes to buying a drug or dietary supplement. This means that you should prefer an original product to the cheapest deal on the market. Only purchases made on a manufacturer’s official website can meet this criterium. As for the discussed product, this shopping option also gives you additional bonuses and guaranties mentioned above.

How to Choose Top Male Enhancement Products

To minimize risks, it is important to know relevant criteria to base your choice upon. This awareness will help you take a more informed decision and, accordingly, find just what you need faster.

Ibfo about manufactureAs a general approach, make sure a manufacturer’s claims match your individual situation and needs – age, lifestyle, type of diet, etc. This search will return you a variety of products. Then, however, the most difficult part of the selection process begins, namely distinguishing between a worthy and a fraud male enhancement product. This is where men fail most often.

One of the most rewarding approaches is to compare what a manufacturer promises to you with reviews that real customers post on topical websites and forums. Take your time to browse the Internet in search of this information. The efforts will pay off with higher efficacy of your selected treatment and wasting no money on junks products which actually do not work.

Given the wide variety of male supplements available on the market, you will eventually end up with a list consisting of multiple items. Now, rely on your guts and personal preferences to make the final choice.

To save you time and energy, I have conducted this research for you. Below, you can find a review of ProSolution Plus, one of the most recommended pill to boost your sex drive. Read on to decide whether it can be your choice too.


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